With clarity of purpose (desire) comes results

I’m working to create a new career for myself.  The toughest part of the whole process has been getting clear on what I want to do (be when I grow up?).  It’s been more of an exercise of elimination than declaration; throwing out various possibilities as I realize they don’t interest me, rather than knowing what direction I want to take.  Without spending too much time on the details, I’ll tell you that public speaking is a core component of what I want to do.  The last few weeks have been productive in this regard, and I’m seeing progress.

If you’ve ever tried to start a business on your own, you know how many things there are to attend to; writing content for websites, emails, business cards, flyers (any and all types of marketing); website design and creation (very different from creating content), graphics for your materials, product ideas, outlines, creation, packaging, sales and fulfilment; networking; crafting and practicing your elevator speech; getting educated in all of these areas; attending workshops; etc., etc., etc.  The list goes on forever.  Literally!

So, here’s the story…  A few weeks ago, I attended a 4 day seminar for speakers.  I was still very much in a haze about the message I want to present to the world, and struggled to explain it with every new person I met.  In the end, I couldn’t make the final day of the event, but late on day 3, I met a young woman who runs a success strategy program here in San Diego for CEO-and-above-level professionals.  In my head, I immediately wrote myself off as a possible contributor to her program, but then it was my turn to explain what I do.

As usual, I stumbled a bit, but once I got going, she began to smile and nod her head in agreement.  The ideas I was presenting were striking a chord with her – she seemed to think the message was appropriate for her audience.  Our time was extremely limited, but she expressed an interest in talking more.  We exchanged cards, and I was soon headed home.  I was jazzed by the feeling that things were starting to take shape in my head a little, and that what I’d had to say had apparently had an impact on one or two people.

Later that night, I sent a connect request to a couple of people on LinkedIn, including the woman I just described.  A couple of weeks pass without response.  I’m disappointed, of course, but that’s life.  Somewhere along the line, I found her on Facebook, and she accepted my friend request.  No other communication occurs.

Last week, I decided to try one more time to organize my days to become more productive.  I used my Google calendar to designate certain tasks for certain days, but I kept most of them vague.  For instance, this is what I specified for Writing Day: “Spend at least one hour putting words on paper for blog, book, email or other marketing, etc.”  The only real specific there is the amount of time I have to invest in the activity.

THAT is doable for me.  Had I set a requirement to write a chapter for a new book, it would likely have failed on the first day, because my writing just doesn’t conform to rules very well.  If it’s not flowing on that day, it’s not flowing.  Period.  But, spend an hour?  That I can manage.

Today, on day 3 of my new regime, I get a message on Facebook from the very woman I’m talking about.  She’s seen that we’re both going to be attending a meeting tomorrow night, and wants to meet an hour before to chat.  Coincidence?  Chance?  I think not.

With clarity of purpose (desire) comes results.  The Universe just delivered, via Law of Attraction, an opportunity.  Now it’s up to me to do something with it.  Wish me alignment!




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