Tomorrow is promised to no one

This past Sunday, we attended a small BBQ at the house of some friends – another couple.  On Monday night, the husband flew to Peru, arriving in Lima some time on Tuesday.  Yesterday, he traveled to a small town to meet with friends and do some swimming.  In the afternoon, after a swim, he had a heart attack and died.

I’ll be honest; he and I were not the closest of friends, but we were certainly at the level that we could have gone for a beer together, and my wife and I were welcome at their house.  It’s a very strange feeling to have someone you know removed from the world without warning.

This man seemed to be in perfect health, and as far as I know, had no heart issues prior to this.  He obviously enjoyed taking me and the other male friend in attendance on Sunday to the garage to show off his new Harley Davidson, and telling us about all of the cycle trips he had planned for the coming months.

He was an avid writer, among many other things, and told us about the books he was either finishing or about to begin.

He marinated some chicken in a special recipe of his own, then put it on the grill.  We ate, drank a few bottles of wine, told stories, and talked philosophy.  It was a full evening for all.  In short, this was a guy who, at 60 or so years of age, was living life.  I feel like quite the underachiever in comparison.

There is sadness in his passing, but it is an emotion we feel for ourselves.  Those of us still living feel loss.  I have already shared my opinion on this with one friend who was in attendance this weekend.  She is feeling tremendous shock.  I reminded her that he didn’t suffer, and that he’s not hurting now.  There’s no need to feel sorry for him, except in as much as he didn’t get to do any more of the things he had planned for his life.  It’s the rest of us – his wife, in particular – who will have to carry on the day-to-day processes of life.

I’m not sure there’s much more of a point to this post, other than to tell you what you already know…  Get busy doing the things you enjoy doing.  And, when you have the opportunity to do it, tell those who you care for that you do care for them.  It will make YOU feel better.



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