The river is your internal belief system, your vibrational accord.

The thoughts that you think will – wanted or not wanted – eventually become manifestation if your vibrational accord is sufficient enough.

— Abraham


Abraham’s base definition of Law of Attraction is “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”  Translation: the kinds of things you think about and act out will draw similar thoughts and activities to you.

The quote above could be considered the next step.  What they are saying is that if you are thinking thoughts that you have an internal connection to – that you are aligned with – they will be turned into reality if your alignment is strong enough.

Example:  You want a new car.  You decide to make a conscious effort to tell yourself that you’re going to have a new car in 30 days.  So, for the next month, you tell yourself, “I’m about to pick up my new car.  I can see myself driving my new car.  My new car is within my reach.  I love how I feel driving down the highway in my new car.”  But, you’ve never had a new car in your life.  You don’t have a job.  You don’t have money in the bank.  You don’t have a relative about to die and leave you a big inheritance.  You don’t have a financial history, or immediate future prospects, that lend themselves to a belief in your power to manifest a new car for yourself in 30 days.

So, what happens?  30 days go by and… nothing.  At least, not what you were hoping for.  Why?  Because you don’t have the capacity to align yourself internally with your desire.  You don’t believe it can happen.

BUT!  Something is happening.  Your mind has had 30 days of reprogramming.  It’s not strong, efficient reprogramming, but it does contribute to a change.  It’s like putting a brick in the middle of the Mississippi River.  It won’t appear to make any difference.  But, start stacking bricks – one at a time – and eventually the course of the river gets changed.

The river is your internal belief system, your vibrational accord.

We stack those bricks all our lives.  Early on, our parents and other authority figures did the stacking for us, but eventually we picked up the work and kept on going – without questioning if it was a good idea in the long run.

You’re going to keep stacking bricks.  Which way do you want the river to flow?


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