That’s all, Folks!

Whatever you are giving your attention to already has a vibration of its own, and as you give your attention to it, you include its vibration in your vibration… and then your point of attraction is affected.




We’re back again to taking responsibility for how our lives play out, and making conscious choices with this quote.

If you understand that your point of attraction is going to be affected by whatever you give your attention to, you then have to decide what kinds of things to give your attention to.  The choice is yours, and so is the responsibility for the consequences of that choice.  Don’t want to feel down and depressed about the economy?  Stop watching CNN, and every other news program.  Want to feel better about life in general?  Start watching and doing and listening to things that make you feel better.

In the profound words of Porky Pig; “That’s all, Folks!”

Decide how you want to feel, and then make it happen.  That’s all.

And today, I’m going to help you.  A while back, I posted an audio interview I did with an interesting young woman named Mahalia Michaels.  If you missed it, you can listen here.  I enjoyed our conversation so much that, at the end, I asked her if she’d be interested in doing another.  Apparently, she enjoyed it, too, because she said yes.  Earlier this month, we recorded part 2 of our discussion.  It rambles around a little, but the subject matter is interesting.  Among other things, we have a suggestion for parents who have kids that are struggling to pay attention in school, or have been labeled as having ADD or some other affliction.  I’m NOT going to tell you here what it is.  You’ll have to listen to find out, but I WILL tell you this: it’s free!  So, give your attention to something with a vibration that HAS to be higher than the TV news…  Click the link below, and listen to part 2 of my conversation with Mahalia Michaels.

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——Tim Star

Mahalia Michaels Interview (part 2)


You can reach Mahalia at:

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