Is the Law Of Attraction real?

The idea that LOA is a New Age concept is laughable, unless the New Age began thousands of years ago. According to those who are supposed to know, ancient peoples did things like drawing images on cave walls, in part, as visualization of things like good hunting results to come. I’m pretty sure they weren’t following advice from The Secret.

It’s better to travel light

Life is a journey, right?  Most people would seem to agree with that, even if they have a different definition of the word.  And, when you’re on a journey, no matter what the length, you pack certain things… If you’re expecting to only be gone a matter of hours, maybe you don’t pack anything more […]

We are called Abraham

Making life changes is often perceived as being hard to do, because we tend to think we have to make them all at once. So, unless we are well-motivated, we may not feel as though it’s worth the effort. But, in reality, making big changes can usually be accomplished in small, easy steps. We just need to know where to start.

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