Life, Love, and the Power of Perspective

I haven’t posted anything here in a while, and I apologize.  The excuse I’m going to use is that mostly I’ve been busy with this:


The book has finally been officially released.  For now, it’s available exclusively on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle versions.  If you purchase the paperback edition, you can get the Kindle version for just 99 cents!

I’ve already had people asking me if I was working on another book, and they haven’t seen THIS one, yet.  Maybe they’ll stop asking after they read it…?   Nah!!!

Death is an inevitable cycle


Death is an inevitable cycle. But sickness before death is a symptom of resistance. Most people think they’ve got to get sick to die. But, you could be like the cat who chooses to get run over. Or you could just lie down in your bed happily one night, so content and thoughtless, wanting nothing in this physical world; and just reemerge into Pure Positive Energy… You can play it out any way you choose.




What a great way to think about death!  This is so true.  Most people do tend to equate death with sickness and suffering.  I’ve often said I want a plane to fall on me.  Yeah, it’d be messy, but I wouldn’t feel a thing.  I wouldn’t have to clean it up, either!

It’s the idea of choice, here, that really runs counter to what we expect to happen, I think.  Most of us don’t put any thought into the idea that we might be able to choose how we clock out.  My grandfather died sitting in a chair, watching my grandmother vacuum.  Nothing dramatic.  I don’t even think he fell over.  Just… done.  Check, please!

Not a bad way to go.  Now you see me; now you don’t.  I’ve known of other people who just simply decided they were ready.  Went to bed and woke up dead.

If the way I’m talking about this upsets you in some way, or sounds too cavalier for your taste, I apologize.  Not for any offense you may feel (that’s your choice – to be offended).  Instead, I apologize for your fear and frustration and inability to face the issue.  You’re going to die, and there are only two questions to be answered:  When and how?

The lesson Abraham is trying to get across is that, just like the rest of life, if we don’t make conscious decisions about how we want to cross over, that decision will be made for us .  And what do we know about decisions that are made for us?…  They usually don’t make us happy!!!

——Tim Star

Why aren’t you letting it in?

Complaining about anything holds you in the place of refusing to receive the things you’ve been asking for. Justifying about anything holds you in the place of refusing to let in the very things that you’ve been asking for. Blaming someone holds you in the place of refusing to let in the things that you’ve been asking for. Feeling guilty, feeling angry, it doesn’t matter what you call it; it is a refusal, not a conscious one. You’re asking; you can’t help but ask. The Universe is yielding; it must yield. It’s a big question, folks: why aren’t you letting it in?




When they say, “It’s a big question”, they aren’t kidding.  It’s really the only question that matters.  The other parts of the Law of Attraction equation are easy enough to understand and enact in our lives:

  • Come up with a desire
  • Send a request for it to the Universe
  • Act as if it is arriving

Nothing there that qualifies as rocket science.  But, what I didn’t include in that list is having faith that it will happen.  That seems to be the stumbling block.

As usual, it’s about perspective and focus.  The human mind is incapable of staying quiet.  It’s like an eight track tape; it just keeps going.  It keeps on talking; keeps on playing variations on all of those life-long programs we’ve been collecting, reinforcing whatever “truths” we’ve come to believe.  This is why it’s important to keep consuming the right kinds of input.

Most of the time – by FAR! – your mind is talking to itself.  It’s always listening to see if you have something to contribute to its conversation, but the truth is, you just don’t try to teach yourself much.  Instead, you allow the rest of the world to do it, and you know what that’s good for…

What we need to do to get out of our own way is to have a preponderance of positive focus in our minds.  We need to actively spend time in expectation of our desires, because if we aren’t doing the work to program ourselves for the delivery of our dreams – if we don’t expect it to happen – our minds are just going to keep listening (and reinforcing) the programming influences of the outside world.

So, if we know what to do, why don’t we do it?  Why don’t we get the hell out of the way?

——Tim Star

Maybe we’re SUPPOSED to get frustrated.

When the desire is born, right away you start counting yourselves a failure, because you’ve got this desire that hasn’t been satisfied. Know that you never get it done! And since you never get it done, it’s time to stop being unhappy about what’s undone, because most of it is undone! You are an eternal being. Most of it is undone. Instead of taking score about what’s been achieved — we want you to start feeling anticipation about what is still to arrive…




It occurred to me in reading this quote that maybe we’re supposed to get frustrated when something doesn’t happen right away.

Think about it…  Our true selves are non-physical.  The plane we come from is one where we have complete knowledge of everything, and the ability to manifest our desires instantaneously.

Then we come here.  A desire hits us, and we think, “I want that.”  So, we send that command out to the Universe and, in theory, the Universe responds.  Immediately.  Without hesitation or question or judgment.

So…  Where is the resultant manifestation?  Or, as Abraham has put it so well, “Where’s my stuff?”

Abraham says the reason we feel negative emotion is because there is a gap between who we really are and where we are now.  That has to mean that we subconsciously feel a disconnection.  And if that’s the case, then it’s only natural for frustration to occur when things don’t happen at the snap of a finger.  We have a reason – maybe even a right – to expect it.

I don’t know what the implications of this are, but I’ve filed the idea under Things That Make You Say, “Hmmm…”

——Tim Star

You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey

You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.




Every time I get a short quote from Abraham I am struck by how profound they can be in very few words.  This is another example.

At first reading, I thought, “OK.  I’ll buy that.”  But, then I started to actually think about it a little (probably going through my mental Rolodex, looking for an exception to this rule – I do not accept everything I’m told at face value, no matter WHO says it).  And the more I thought about it, the more I came to agree with the statement.  And the more I came to appreciate its value.

They’re talking about how we live our lives, and about how we end them.  If we go through life focused on the negative, using every opportunity to point out the ugly and the unfortunate and the unjust things in this world (all of which are personal judgements, by the way), we’re going to end our lives unhappy, unhealthy, and full of resentment and fear.

On the other hand, what will the ends of our lives be like if we make it a point to smell the roses along the way?

Abraham says that we can’t get it wrong while we’re in the physical realm, and that we’ll never get it done, and when we die, we simply close our eyes here and open them in the non-physical, where we are again fully connected to Source (or the Universe, or God, or whatever you’d like).

People who’ve apparently been there and come back describe it as a place of pure love, etc., so you’ll get your happy ending eventually, I guess.  But, who wants to wait that long?  And are you willing to take that chance?  What if you close your eyes and it’s over?

You’ll have to excuse me, now.  I’m going to look for some roses.

——Tim Star

Let the experiments begin!

I’m excited!

I just bought a book (for the enormous sum of $2.51) called  E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout.  In essence, it’s a book of DIY experiments that anyone can do to test the validity of the Law of Attraction.

The author, who I’m telling you now I will some day call my friend, has laid out a set of 9 spiritual principles, and 9 experiments to test them.  Most require no more than 48 hours to complete, and there’s nothing physical to do.  This I can get into!

Just finished launching Experiment #1, designed to test the “The Dude Abides” principle.  No, I’m not going to explain it.  Go buy the book!  I got it in Kindle format from Amazon for $2.51 (yes, it’s a strange number – don’t ask me).  I already know that I’ll be buying a hard-copy version.

Just reading the introductory sections of this book gave me goosebumps – I’m connecting to it like I haven’t connected to a book in a long time – and it’s got me excited to see the results.

You still here?  Why?  Go!  Buy!  Read!  Enjoy!

And let me know how YOUR experiments turn out!


——Tim Star

Fear – You asked for it

The one who fears something the most is the one who has it most activated in their vibration. And so, it is logical that they would experience it.




I liked this one and knew I had to write about it as soon as I read it.  It’s nothing new, of course.  Very easy to understand Law of Attraction cause and effect.

But, fear is a biggie.  It’s the thing that makes people do stuff.  It’s a bigger motivator than anything else; even death.  Did you know that Al Capone died of syphilis because he was afraid of needles?

So, you might expect that it would be something that a lot of people would be trying to learn how to overcome.  And, they are, I suppose, but not in the kinds of numbers that make it a popular endeavor.  Unless there are a lot of underground, clandestine fear-fighting Meetups going on out there.  Then, maybe.

This simple quote is a terrific lesson in LOA.  You draw to you things with vibrations that match those which you hold.  If you’re focused on things that will make you afraid, you’re practically taking an ad in the Universal Tribune, asking for more.

I shouldn’t have to tell anyone this, but I will.  If you want to work your way out of fear, depression, despair, anger, etc., start by turning off the damned TV news.  Permanently!  There’s nothing there that you’re going to do anything about, so stop subjecting yourself to the abuse.  I promise you that if something TRULY important happens, you’ll hear about it.

——Tim Star

ps.  This applies to MSNBC and CNN and any other program that runs a stock ticker or other similar news scroll across the bottom of their broadcast, too.

You don’t get a better Corvette for suffering

It’s not necessary for you to exacerbate your contrast with struggle in order to get it into a higher place. It is not necessary to suffer in order to give birth to desire. But when you have suffered and you have given birth to desire, so what? You’ve got a desire. Turn your attention to the desire. Think about where you’re going and never mind where you’ve been. Don’t spend any more time justifying any of that stuff.




I love this one!  There are 4 important points being made.  (The first time I wrote this line, there were only 2 important points.  Then I read it again, and the number went to 3.  When I started to write about it, the number became 4.)

  1. Raising your vibration doesn’t have to be difficult.  In fact, if you’re struggling to do it, you’re probably doing something wrong.
  2. You don’t have to hit rock bottom before you can change your life around.  You only have to change your focus.
  3. (This one is not as explicitly stated, so it may be more my own opinion than Abraham’s.)  There’s no glory in suffering.  You don’t deserve extra points for working harder to achieve something.
  4. Theres’ no benefit in pointing out (to yourself) how you got to where you are, or why you had to do certain things.  If you’re doing that, you’re not focusing where you need to be.


Let’s take a quick (I hope!) look at each of these points…

  • Raising your vibration is simple AND easy.  In my opinion, the easiest way to start is with meditation, because meditation will slow down the racing mind.  It will teach you how to focus.  Focus reduces the volume of extraneous thoughts  –  not just in terms of how loud they are, but also the number.
  • Too many people are way too eager to tell you that you have to be face down in the gutter to be able to look at the stars.  That’s a lot of crap.  You only have to look up.  You’ll see the same stars.  I expect that most of those people went through that experience, don’t want to feel like fools for doing things the hard way, and now proclaim to others that it’s the only way it can be done.  WRONG!  It’s just their way.  Change your focus, change your life – from ANY starting point.
  • “…you have suffered and you have given birth to desire, so what?  You’ve got a desire.”  If someone has spent 14 years walking to work, and has developed a desire to drive a new Corvette, is their desire any more valid than yours, which came forth when you watched a great commercial about the latest model?  It’s the same desire.  They could have developed it the first time they walked to work, but they didn’t.  So what?  You were eating Cheetos in front of the TV, and scratching your… whatever.  So what?  The Universe doesn’t care how you came to want what you want.  It only cares about the desire.  You don’t get a better Corvette for suffering.
  • Justification of the past requires a focus on the past.  One of Abraham’s strongest messages is that we need to focus on the having, not the lack; on the future, not the past.  You can’t make forward progress if you’re looking in the rear-view mirror.  Do whatever it takes to stop reliving that story if it doesn’t feel good.  You had a rough childhood?  Look to the possibilities of your adulthood.  You’ve had health issues?  Envision yourself healthy.  Money problems been ever-present?  Daydream about a big bank account.  Just stop looking at the uncomfortable causes that brought you to where you are today, and find something pleasurable to think about.


… I’ve been sitting here in front of the computer for several minutes, since finishing what’s above this line, trying to come up with a good way of signing off.  But, I got nada.  So…


——Tim Star






That’s all, Folks!

Whatever you are giving your attention to already has a vibration of its own, and as you give your attention to it, you include its vibration in your vibration… and then your point of attraction is affected.




We’re back again to taking responsibility for how our lives play out, and making conscious choices with this quote.

If you understand that your point of attraction is going to be affected by whatever you give your attention to, you then have to decide what kinds of things to give your attention to.  The choice is yours, and so is the responsibility for the consequences of that choice.  Don’t want to feel down and depressed about the economy?  Stop watching CNN, and every other news program.  Want to feel better about life in general?  Start watching and doing and listening to things that make you feel better.

In the profound words of Porky Pig; “That’s all, Folks!”

Decide how you want to feel, and then make it happen.  That’s all.

And today, I’m going to help you.  A while back, I posted an audio interview I did with an interesting young woman named Mahalia Michaels.  If you missed it, you can listen here.  I enjoyed our conversation so much that, at the end, I asked her if she’d be interested in doing another.  Apparently, she enjoyed it, too, because she said yes.  Earlier this month, we recorded part 2 of our discussion.  It rambles around a little, but the subject matter is interesting.  Among other things, we have a suggestion for parents who have kids that are struggling to pay attention in school, or have been labeled as having ADD or some other affliction.  I’m NOT going to tell you here what it is.  You’ll have to listen to find out, but I WILL tell you this: it’s free!  So, give your attention to something with a vibration that HAS to be higher than the TV news…  Click the link below, and listen to part 2 of my conversation with Mahalia Michaels.

Also, we’d love nothing more than for others to join the conversation.  Feel free to comment below, and give the post a Like on the Facebook link at the top.


——Tim Star

Mahalia Michaels Interview (part 2)


You can reach Mahalia at:


The entire Universe is set up to produce wanting within you! You cannot squelch wanting. You are born wanters. Wanting is a good thing. Write that down in big letters: WANTING IS A VERY GOOD THING!

— Abraham


I have a smile on my face right now.  Somehow, this quote put it there.  I can’t tell you why, exactly, but I see humor in it.  I also see humor in the way it reads if you substitute ‘want’ with ‘whine’…

“The entire Universe is set up to produce whining within you! You cannot squelch whining. You are born whiners. Whining is a good thing. Write that down in big letters: WHINING IS A VERY GOOD THING!”

My smile is just a little larger, now.

The unfortunate reality, though, is that there are quite a lot of people who seem to subscribe to this second version of Abraham’s words.  I know a few personally.  All of us have our moments, but one guy in particular that I know is the poster boy for whining.  And he’s 60+ years old.  He just doesn’t see how he influences the people around him, and more importantly, how he influences his reality.

He’s been a fairly successful salesman, and wants to retire.  But, because he keeps telling the (whiney) story of how everyone looks to him for financial support, so he doesn’t have any money, guess what?…  He doesn’t have any money.  Or at least not nearly the money he would have if he simply learned to look at things differently.  Instead, his wife & (adult) kids keep pestering him for money.

His 25 year old son is about to get married.  Neither bride nor groom has a job.  Guess where they’re going to live?  My money says it’s with him.  And what’s he going to do when they move in?  He’s going to whine some more about how his son hasn’t learned to stand on his own two feet, and now he’s married, and neither of them have a job, and they can’t afford an apartment, and he’s got to put up with them living in his house.

From the outside, it’s pretty obvious where the problem lies, but in some way, he gets something from going through life that way.

As usual, I’m WAY off on a tangent, here.  Or am I…?

This guy’s whining is the result of his experiencing contrast.  It’s him banging on that drum of what is that Abraham talks about.  Except that they usually pantomime beating on a small drum.  My friend carries around one of those giant taiko drums.  Anybody else would need a flatbed semi to carry this thing.

But, what’s this doing for him?  According to Abraham, it’s helping him to get really clear on the things he both wants and doesn’t want.  The result is that he makes a pretty good living.

And pisses it away supporting people who should be supporting themselves.

As Sonny & Cher put it;

And the beat goes on, the beat goes on
Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain…

Maybe Sonny was deeper than a lot of people gave him credit for.


Line up the Energy first

Take the time to line up the Energy first, and action becomes inconsequential. If you don’t take the time to line up the Energy, if you don’t find the feeling place of what you’re looking for, not enough action in the world will make any difference.




At first glance (or if you don’t read past the first sentence), it might seem like Abraham is saying that you can manifest whatever it is you set your sights on without taking any action.  And, I have written before about how I believe they HAVE said this in the past.

However, in this particular quote, that’s not what’s happening.  What they’re saying here is that you can work as hard as you want, but go nowhere in terms of achieving your goal if you don’t have the right mindset.  Let me give you an example.

I used to play tennis fairly regularly with a friend of mine.  He’s taller, has a longer reach, and (especially today) has more physical stamina than I have.  But more importantly, he’s got the mental ability to focus on a goal without distraction.  Combine that with his competitive drive, and he’s hard to beat.  In fact, I never once did it!  I believe that I actually have more talent on the tennis court, and that he’s not THAT much better an athlete than I, but I don’t have the sheer determination to win that he does.  I didn’t take the time to see myself beating him before we played, and it never happened.

What DID happen is that eventually, I gave up trying to beat him, and started to get satisfaction from how hard I could make him work to beat ME.  My goal became making him run.  THAT I could see myself doing.  When we played, I’d hit shots first to one side of the court, then the other.  Then drop shots just over the net to make him come in quick, and then try to lob the ball over his head to make him scramble to the back court.  It was fun making him work!  He still beat me…  But, he worked 3 times as hard as I did.  And I became a better shot maker because of it.

The point of this is that I never could get to “the feeling place” of winning against him, and I never did.  Instead, I put in a lot of action to no avail.   With time (and a lesson or two), I could have beaten him, and that would have changed my mindset, but I didn’t travel that road.

So, see yourself where you want to be.  Take a little time (or a LOT) to play in your imagination around the idea.  FEEL it.  Let yourself feel giddy about it.  Get excited about it.  THEN do something.  Then you’ll be driven by what Abraham calls inspired action.  And your results will be far beyond what you’ve experienced before.


OMG! I think it’s working!

Since resistance that has been introduced by your thoughts is the only thing that hinders the conscious blending between you and your Inner Being, as that resistance gradually dissipates, your conscious awareness of your relationship with Source will come forward into your awareness.



I don’t know about you, but I had to read this one a few times to fully sort it in my mind.

In my own words…
The ultimate human goal is to achieve such an elevated state of spiritual consciousness that we can consciously experience our connection with Source (God, the Universe, All That Is, etc.).

The way to do this is to stop resisting.  Resistance is introduced by our thoughts.  “That’s too hard.”  “I’ve never gone there before.”  “She’d never say yes to me.”  “I’m not qualified.”  There are uncountable examples of resistant thought.  ANY thought that expresses a negative is a resistant thought.

Learn to become aware of your thoughts – in the moment – and you can learn to change and control them.  You can learn to think non-resistant thoughts; thoughts of peace, calm, happiness, joy, love, acceptance, etc.  ANY thought that feels good is a non-resistant thought.

The more you practice non-resistant thoughts, the more your resistance dissipates, and the easier it becomes to feel that connection with Source.

Feel good = Get connected

The quote above comes from ‘Getting into the Vortex’, their book with the guided meditations CD.  I’m reading it, a few pages at a time, and had just thought to myself, “What is meditation supposed to accomplish?”  I mean aside from lowering your blood pressure, helping you to relax, and the sizeable list of other physical benefits.  These things are reason enough to do it, but they’re not spiritual in nature.  Rather, they’re wonderful side effects.  How does meditation help someone along their path?

And, just as I was pondering this, I read the quote and the light came on…  It’s about allowing.

The simplicity of Abraham’s teachings can be staggering sometimes.  This is a lulu.  Want to experience your connection to the Divine?  Go ahead.  Do it.  Just let it happen.

That’s it.  Simple.

But not so easy.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about what other options there are besides meditation.  And I’m having a hard time coming up with anything else.  Maybe true passion, but that’s not sustainable, I don’t think.

So, meditation it is!  The good news, if you haven’t done it before, is that there’s probably no wrong way to do it.  Here are a few things to try.

  • Focus on your breathing.  Don’t try to regulate it, other than perhaps to breathe deeply and slowly.    Just pay attention to it.  The attention is the point.
  • Focus on some soft music.  Again, the attention is what’s important.
  • Chant.  Oooooooommmmmmmm…….  Yes, it works.  Yes, it’s boring, but it works!  Yes, you may feel foolish doing it, but guess what?  It works!  Why?  Because you have to pay attention.

Are you picking up the pattern here?  It’s all about moving your conscious attention away from random thoughts and onto something specific.  Something that precludes your ability to generate those resistant thoughts.  The chanting may be the easiest of the three suggestions above, because you can’t do it on cruise control.  Your mind has to be there for the sound to come from your mouth.

And, just to spell it out, moving your consciousness away from resistant thoughts is the first step toward allowing.  It’s the first step toward actually experiencing your connection with Source, and doing it on a consistent basis.

Start today.  Find a spot where you can be undisturbed for 10 or 15 minutes on a regular basis.  Once or twice a day is the goal.  If you miss a day or two (or more), it’s OK.  There is no penalty.  You’ll just be a little less practiced the next time.

After a while, you’ll be able to recognize when it’s “working”.  You’ll feel physically different, both during and after.  The amount of time it takes to reach this stage is going to vary from person to person, and situation to situation.  The more time you can devote to practicing, the quicker you’ll see results.  Maybe a few days; maybe a few weeks.  At worst, you’ll experience some good relaxation time.  At best…  Well, it’s possible to feel something like giddiness, even euphoria.  You might have a tendency to wear a silly smile for a little while (maybe you don’t want to do it at work!).

OK.  Ready?  Begin…




OMG!  I think it’s working!



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