Mahalia Michaels and the Not-So-Strange Coincidence


A few weeks ago, my wife and I attended what was called the “New Earth Expo” in San Diego.  It was a gathering of people who do different kinds of healing work, vendors of crystals and oils and pendants (Oh My!), as well as a few of the more “fringe” practitioners, like psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, etc.  Many of them were giving presentations about what they do, and we found our way to the room where a particular subject was going to be addressed.  We thought we were on time, but the room was already full of people, and the speaker was already well into her presentation.

There’s a strange kind of befuddlement that happens in the brain when you’re expecting something to happen, but you get something else without realizing it.  You spin your mental wheels for a while, trying to make what you’re receiving fit the model of what you expected.  That’s what happened to us (or at least to me).

We were expecting a woman speaker (this we got), but the woman at the front of the room was telling a story that didn’t fit the model of the topic we came to hear about – I honestly don’t remember what that was, and it’s not important, so let it go! – and for a while I was mentally trying to connect the dots, with no success.  It eventually dawned on both of us that this was a different person and subject matter.

Luckily, she was a pretty good speaker, physically attractive (OK, truth time – she’s pretty sexy), and a core component of what she was talking about was near and dear to every man’s heart – sexuality and sensuality.  So, we stayed and listened.  She turned out to be very well-educated on her subject, had a sense of humor, and seemed to be a very likeable person.  Her name turned out to be Mahalia Michaels.

Fast-forward an hour or so.  While my wife was getting a sample treatment from a guy who does energy work with a didgeridoo (don’t judge; it was pretty cool), I wandered to the next booth, which happened to belong to Mahalia.  We got into a short conversation, during which I asked her if she would be willing to be interviewed by me for this blog.  She quickly said yes, and the link below is the result.

The only problem with getting into conversation about Law of Attraction with someone is that it’s so hard to discuss things in a linear fashion, and there are so many topic paths to choose from.  The flip side of that coin is that the conversation is guaranteed to be interesting.  At least it was for me!  Have a listen for yourself, and let me know what you think.


5/26/2013  Update:  If you enjoy this discussion, you can listen to part 2 here.



Mahalia Michaels Interview


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