Justin Bieber can relate

In the news today is the story that North Korea’s current carnival geek, Kim Jong-un (I apologize if any of OUR carnival geeks are offended by my including this guy in their ranks), is so bored with his life that he has issued an edict: the only haircut that men in North Korea are allowed to have is the same style he wears.  I can’t wait to see the pictures of all these guys running around looking like a cross between the Three Stooges’ Moe and Shemp.





Kim Jong Un

OK.  Now that I have that out of my system, let’s talk about why he’s doing this.  Whatever thoughts are rolling around in his mind are, of course, inaccessible to the rest of us, so I’m going to speculate.  Actually, I gave it away in the first sentence of this post: boredom.

Think about it…  Almost every day we see pictures and hear stories of celebrities or politicians or top-level businessmen who are doing things the majority of us would never consider.  As a consequence, their careers often implode.

Sexual misconduct.

Abuse of drugs/alcohol/food/plastic surgery.

Illegal possession of guns or drugs, sometimes with intent to distribute.

Physical abuse of their partners.

Verbal abuse of loved ones, employers, fans, reporters, etc.

I’m sure there’s plenty more to add to the list, but you get the idea.  What’s going on?  These people have tremendous amounts of money and opportunity, and sometimes they get bored.  Dinner at the current hot restaurant, partying at the most exclusive club, or even golfing at the most expensive courses can get old, just the same as going to the movies on Thursday nights can get old for the rest of us.

The human spirit needs variety.  It craves entertainment that pushes the boundaries.  Sure, you can be satisfied with riding your bike around the local lake.  For a while…  But, every once in a while, dreams of riding cross country, or competing in a Tour de Something race pop into your head.  Whether or not you’re physically capable of it is irrelevant.  The spirit wants to try.

When you are the dictator of a country, with absolute control, there are few limitations, at least within your national borders.  But, you can only tour so many factories and other infrastructure facilities dressed up to look productive for you, order the murders or arrests of so many family members and opposition leaders (real or imaginary), or wave at so many toy army men parades in your honor.  Sooner or later it HAS to get boring.  It’s only natural.

I’m sure Justin understands.




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