How much is enough?

“Those who do not move do not feel their chains.”

—Rosa Luxemburg


Saw this quote on Facebook today and thought, “That’s an interesting idea.”  And how true.  Another way of saying it could be, “Those who do not aspire for more in their lives do not face limitations.”

This idea brings up a question:  Is this such a bad thing?

If you are happy in your place in the universe, are you breaking some kind of social contract by wanting to stay right there?  Are we all somehow committed to aspiring for more?  And if we don’t, are we going against the desires of the Universe (God, Allah, Source, etc.)?

You can make the case that the answer is, Yes.  Abraham teaches that we have come to the physical plane to experience contrast (negative experience) in order to feel desire for change; desire for “more”.  Therefore, if you are perfectly comfortable as a minor cog in the wheel, you aren’t living up to your responsibility.

On the other hand, the more I ponder the question of just what it is that we as human beings are here for, the more I am convinced that our ultimate goal is to achieve profound happiness in our lives, regardless of what may come along.  If that’s the case, isn’t the guy who finds himself in love with being a simple shoe salesman in a store in a small town in the middle of nowhere closer to the goal than those of us who dream and struggle and work and achieve?  Maybe THAT is what that guy was put here to accomplish; finding happiness in one single, solitary area of life.

And maybe that’s enough.


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