You’re no good to the world poor

There’s no escape hatch from that. No exit ramp. No clause that moves you toward changing the situation. The mindset of the phrase isn’t, “If I’m poor, I’m no good to the world, so I’m doing something about it.” Instead, it’s a closed, dead-end, no options perspective of one’s place in the world.

Let the experiments begin!

Just reading the introductory sections of this book gave me goosebumps – I’m connecting to it like I haven’t connected to a book in a long time – and it’s got me excited to see the results.


“The entire Universe is set up to produce whining within you! You cannot squelch whining. You are born whiners. Whining is a good thing. Write that down in big letters: WHINING IS A VERY GOOD THING!”

Line up the Energy first

I used to play tennis fairly regularly with a friend of mine. He’s taller, has a longer reach, and (especially today) has more physical stamina than I have. But more importantly, he’s got the mental ability to focus on a goal without distraction. Combine that with his competitive drive, and he’s hard to beat. In fact, I never once did it! I believe that I actually have more talent on the tennis court, and that he’s not THAT much better an athlete than I, but I don’t have the sheer determination to win that he does. I didn’t take the time to see myself beating him before we played, and it never happened…

What’s YOUR path?

So, find the part of YOUR path that makes you feel good about life, and follow it. You’ll find people who will disagree with you, but you’ll find plenty of others ready to walk alongside you. If you feel good about how you are living your life, you’re on YOUR right path.

You can go from where you are to where you want to be

…My emotional reaction to their talent was interesting. First reaction: jealousy/envy/etc. “Little bastards shouldn’t be that good…” This was quickly followed by the realization that they were never going to have to work a day in their lives. More jealousy. Then the Law of Attraction perspective kicked in, and I had to admit that these kids were inspiring…

Attention to obstacles makes them bigger and more stubborn

…But in Western society, the typical mindset expects the opposite – get rich first; get healthy first; find that perfect mate first. Then those obstacles will go away…

Every moment is pregnant with the next moment of your life

This is one of the foundational positions we all want to achieve, whether or not we realize it. It’s a simple psychological perspective; belief in the ability of the self to accomplish the goals we set.

The path doesn’t matter

If we were actually RIGHT most of the time, we’d all be living much more fulfilling lives.

So, to progress, we need to be willing to recognize when the way we think isn’t benefiting us the way we want, accept that we’re wrong and change that path.

Most of it is undone

…they were feeling anticipation about what is still to arrive. Except that it wasn’t positive anticipation. They were taking score, with the expectation that they were the underdog. And, almost without exception, it showed in their performances…

Go forth and start creating

If you are stuck in an unsatisfying job, stop and think what would be the ultimate job imaginable for you. You cannot apply any boundaries to this question. When you know what it is, go forth and start creating something in some way to put your foot on that path, even if it means just […]

Doubt and disbelief are symptoms of a closed mind

STOP watching the news and reading the paper! There’s about 1% of positive input that you can get from those sources. What does THAT leave?

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