Death is an inevitable cycle

My grandfather died sitting in a chair, watching my grandmother vacuum. Nothing dramatic. I don’t even think he fell over. Just… done. Check, please!

Why aren’t you letting it in?

The human mind is incapable of staying quiet. It’s like an eight track tape; it just keeps going. It keeps on talking; keeps on playing variations on all of those life-long programs we’ve been collecting, reinforcing whatever “truths” we’ve come to believe. This is why it’s important to keep consuming the right kinds of input.

OMG! I think it’s working!

“What is meditation supposed to accomplish?” I mean aside from lowering your blood pressure, helping you to relax, and the sizeable list of other physical benefits. These things are reason enough to do it, but they’re not spiritual in nature. Rather, they’re wonderful side effects. How does meditation help someone along their path?

Mahalia Michaels and the Not-So-Strange Coincidence

…Luckily, she was a pretty good speaker, physically attractive (OK, truth time – she’s pretty sexy), and a core component of what she was talking about was near and dear to every man’s heart – sexuality and sensuality. So, we stayed and listened…

Could be tomorrow afternoon

If thinking about a thing sets the Universe to work delivering it, doesn’t it make sense that thinking about it can also delay, obstruct, or even prevent the Universe from delivering it, as well?

Psychological Judo

Haven’t you noticed that a new disease pops up, and humanity finds the cure, only to find another disease popping up? Don’t you think it’s interesting that you don’t get to the end of those diseases?

Attention to obstacles makes them bigger and more stubborn

…But in Western society, the typical mindset expects the opposite – get rich first; get healthy first; find that perfect mate first. Then those obstacles will go away…

The river is your internal belief system, your vibrational accord.

…You want a new car. You decide to make a conscious effort to tell yourself that you’re going to have a new car in 30 days. So, for the next month, you tell yourself, “I’m about to pick up my new car. I can see myself driving my new car. My new car is within my reach. I love how I feel driving down the highway in my new car.” But, you’ve never had a new car in your life…

Don’t be a hater

That guy in the BMW M3 convertible isn’t to blame for YOUR lack of…

The Universe does not know or care

YOU determine what comes to you. If you want better results than what you’ve had so far, you only need…

Make peace with outrageous abundance.

Because trying to figure out where the money is going to come from is trying to control the “how” of our abundance.

Your action has nothing to do with your abundance!

Get your mind into the right state, and the abundance of the world WILL come knocking on your door.

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