Stop playing the blame game

SO many people just can’t/won’t accept that they are where they are, regardless of how or why, and shift their focal energies toward progressing in their lives. They seem determined to blame someone.

Changing the world

“… you can’t predict – and most likely will never know – if and when some small gesture you make today will cause someone else to turn their life around, or even just pay it forward, extending a helping hand to someone else. Every act, no matter what kind, causes ripples in the seas of our lives.”


“The entire Universe is set up to produce whining within you! You cannot squelch whining. You are born whiners. Whining is a good thing. Write that down in big letters: WHINING IS A VERY GOOD THING!”

You really are the center of the Universe

No wonder 2 year olds can be difficult to handle! They’re having their little worlds re-shaped, against their wills. They hear the word “no” a hundred times a day; why should it be a surprise that it’s often the first thing THEY use to respond to someone else’s requests/demands/orders?

What’s YOUR path?

So, find the part of YOUR path that makes you feel good about life, and follow it. You’ll find people who will disagree with you, but you’ll find plenty of others ready to walk alongside you. If you feel good about how you are living your life, you’re on YOUR right path.

You can go from where you are to where you want to be

…My emotional reaction to their talent was interesting. First reaction: jealousy/envy/etc. “Little bastards shouldn’t be that good…” This was quickly followed by the realization that they were never going to have to work a day in their lives. More jealousy. Then the Law of Attraction perspective kicked in, and I had to admit that these kids were inspiring…

No one can deny you or grant you anything

Working on your vibration can be as easy as simply sitting still for a few minutes and calming your mind a little.

Well-Being will always abound

But, the auto-pilot is managed by our subconscious programming. If we’ve learned to look for the turds in the road of life as a matter of habit, then that auto-pilot is going to look for them. If we’re programmed to look for life’s shining moments, the auto-pilot is going to look for them.

There will always be war

Strikes are wars against existing situations that one group has decided are no longer acceptable.

Even within families, little wars are always going on. Ever been punished for not doing your homework?

Most of it is undone

…they were feeling anticipation about what is still to arrive. Except that it wasn’t positive anticipation. They were taking score, with the expectation that they were the underdog. And, almost without exception, it showed in their performances…

You are the only one who creates in your experience – no one else (part 1)

… the subconscious doesn’t judge. It doesn’t question. It assumes that everything we feed it is truth. That it’s reality. That we are experiencing it in real life. So,…

The greatest gift

…humans are hard-wired with a subconscious desire to please others. Teach them that you expect them to be criminals, get poor grades or treat other people badly, and what happens?

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