You’re no good to the world poor

There’s no escape hatch from that. No exit ramp. No clause that moves you toward changing the situation. The mindset of the phrase isn’t, “If I’m poor, I’m no good to the world, so I’m doing something about it.” Instead, it’s a closed, dead-end, no options perspective of one’s place in the world.


“The entire Universe is set up to produce whining within you! You cannot squelch whining. You are born whiners. Whining is a good thing. Write that down in big letters: WHINING IS A VERY GOOD THING!”

There is no limitation

This is really important. Let’s say you send out a desire to have $1000 in your hand before the end of the week…

Do you wear your struggle like a badge of honor?

… the ultimate goal of all humans is to be happy. Everything an individual does is an attempt to reach that goal. Why not make it…

You are bigger than your problems

You are bigger than your problems. You are never given a problem that you cannot personally solve or find someone who can solve it with you if you truly want a solution.

Make peace with outrageous abundance.

Because trying to figure out where the money is going to come from is trying to control the “how” of our abundance.

What do you want in your experience?

One of the worst things about money worries is that when they take hold, they color everything else in your life. The good thing is…

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