Life Itself

I just finished watching “Life Itself”, a documentary about the life of Roger Ebert.  There was probably a time when I wouldn’t have been able to remember NOT watching him on TV – he and Gene Siskel just seemed always to have been there. I always related more to him than to Gene Siskel.  Roger […]

How much is enough?

If you are happy in your place in the universe, are you breaking some kind of social contract by wanting to stay right there? Are we all somehow committed to aspiring for more? And if we don’t, are we going against the desires of the Universe (God, Allah, Source, etc.)?

Are you becoming what you want to attract?

“I will attract into my life what I am, not what I want.” —Dr. Wayne Dyer —— This is a deeper statement than the usual Law of Attraction mantra, which sounds more like, “I will attract into my life what I think about most.”  As I think about it, I’m beginning to feel like it’s […]

Move toward what makes you happy

We’re looking for something to clear the fog for us; to show us the how to reach a higher plane. But, spend a little time studying the ideas around spiritual enlightenment and you’ll quickly see that ALL of the teachers will tell you that your guidance comes from within.

What if…

…the Law of Attraction doesn’t work the way we believe it works? …there is a supreme being, and he/she/it uses us for entertainment? …the Universe doesn’t wait for us to decide we want something, but instead creates the something and then causes the desire within us? …you and I are nothing but puppets in some colossal […]

Forward or back

The Universe is constantly bringing us opportunities to effect change in our lives. In fact, change is one of the few Truths we all have in common. Everything in your personal and professional life is going to change at some point. One of the prime variables is whether you are proactive about it, or just wait for it to happen to you.

Stop playing the blame game

SO many people just can’t/won’t accept that they are where they are, regardless of how or why, and shift their focal energies toward progressing in their lives. They seem determined to blame someone.

With clarity of purpose (desire) comes results

If you’ve ever tried to start a business on your own, you know how many things there are to attend to; writing content for websites, emails, business cards, flyers (any and all types of marketing); website design and creation (very different from creating content), graphics for your materials, product ideas, outlines, creation, packaging, sales and fulfilment; networking; crafting and practicing your elevator speech; getting educated in all of these areas; attending workshops; etc., etc., etc. The list goes on forever. Literally!

You’re no good to the world poor

There’s no escape hatch from that. No exit ramp. No clause that moves you toward changing the situation. The mindset of the phrase isn’t, “If I’m poor, I’m no good to the world, so I’m doing something about it.” Instead, it’s a closed, dead-end, no options perspective of one’s place in the world.

Life, Love, and the Power of Perspective

I haven’t posted anything here in a while, and I apologize.  The excuse I’m going to use is that mostly I’ve been busy with this:   The book has finally been officially released.  For now, it’s available exclusively on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle versions.  If you purchase the paperback edition, you can […]

Death is an inevitable cycle

My grandfather died sitting in a chair, watching my grandmother vacuum. Nothing dramatic. I don’t even think he fell over. Just… done. Check, please!

Why aren’t you letting it in?

The human mind is incapable of staying quiet. It’s like an eight track tape; it just keeps going. It keeps on talking; keeps on playing variations on all of those life-long programs we’ve been collecting, reinforcing whatever “truths” we’ve come to believe. This is why it’s important to keep consuming the right kinds of input.

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