It’s not your work to make anything happen

… there is nothing more involved in the process of manifestation than to say, “I want that.”

Make peace with outrageous abundance.

Because trying to figure out where the money is going to come from is trying to control the “how” of our abundance.

Your action has nothing to do with your abundance!

Get your mind into the right state, and the abundance of the world WILL come knocking on your door.

You deserve your good thoughts

The person that needs to do something is not that person.  The person that needs to do something is you!  Some of those people in your life do not deserve your good thoughts.  In other words, “They are bad.  They are evil.  They are wrong!  They are inappropriate.  They do not deserve your good thoughts,” […]

I Can Always Enter My Vibrational Vortex of Creation…

The key to getting inside your Vibrational Vortex of Creation; of experiencing the absolute absence of resistance; of achieving complete alignment with all that you have become and all that you desire, and of bringing to your physical experience everything that you desire — is being in the state of appreciation — and there is […]

It isn’t something you have to struggle for or try for.

We would like you to release the word “achieve” or “earn” from your vocabulary and from your understanding, altogether; and we would like you to replace those words with the word “allow”. You’re wanting to allow your Well-being, not achieve it. It’s not something that you need to earn. All you have to do is […]

What do you expect?

What every seeker strives for, although virtually no one realizes it, is not proof of the EXISTENCE of LOA, but rather proof that they can DIRECT what it delivers.

In Hollywood, everybody has a script they want you to read

You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life, and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them. — Abraham —– Here we go again.  Another classic example of Abraham understatement. I’ve been trying to put this post together in a way that will make some […]

Everything is happening in the moment

Everything is happening in the moment.  So as you are offering a vibration in your now, you are receiving the result of that vibration. — Abraham ———- “Everything is happening in the moment.”  Scientists have known for a long time that time is not the linear series of experiences we experience it to be.  There […]

Any result is a success

The achievement of anything that you desire must be considered success, whether it is a trophy or money or relationships or things. But if you will let your standard of success be your achievement of joy—everything else will fall easily into place. For in the finding of joy, you are finding vibrational alignment with the […]

Stop pushing

A million people could be pushing against you and it would not negatively affect you unless you push back. That million people pushing against you are affecting their millions of vibrations. They are affecting what happens in their experience. They are affecting their point of attraction, but it does not affect you unless you push […]

Action has nothing to do with your abundance.

Your action has nothing to do with your abundance! Your abundance is a response to your vibration. Of course, your belief is part of your vibration. So if you believe that action is part of what brings your abundance, then you’ve got to unravel that. — Abraham   This is another big statement.  Funny how […]

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