How much is enough?

If you are happy in your place in the universe, are you breaking some kind of social contract by wanting to stay right there? Are we all somehow committed to aspiring for more? And if we don’t, are we going against the desires of the Universe (God, Allah, Source, etc.)?

Are you becoming what you want to attract?

“I will attract into my life what I am, not what I want.” —Dr. Wayne Dyer —— This is a deeper statement than the usual Law of Attraction mantra, which sounds more like, “I will attract into my life what I think about most.” ¬†As I think about it, I’m beginning to feel like it’s […]

With clarity of purpose (desire) comes results

If you’ve ever tried to start a business on your own, you know how many things there are to attend to; writing content for websites, emails, business cards, flyers (any and all types of marketing); website design and creation (very different from creating content), graphics for your materials, product ideas, outlines, creation, packaging, sales and fulfilment; networking; crafting and practicing your elevator speech; getting educated in all of these areas; attending workshops; etc., etc., etc. The list goes on forever. Literally!

Fear – You asked for it

Did you know that Al Capone died of syphilis because he was afraid of needles?

You don’t get a better Corvette for suffering

If someone has spent 14 years walking to work, and has developed a desire to drive a new Corvette, is their desire any more valid than yours, which came forth when you watched a great commercial about the latest model? It’s the same desire.

Line up the Energy first

I used to play tennis fairly regularly with a friend of mine. He’s taller, has a longer reach, and (especially today) has more physical stamina than I have. But more importantly, he’s got the mental ability to focus on a goal without distraction. Combine that with his competitive drive, and he’s hard to beat. In fact, I never once did it! I believe that I actually have more talent on the tennis court, and that he’s not THAT much better an athlete than I, but I don’t have the sheer determination to win that he does. I didn’t take the time to see myself beating him before we played, and it never happened…

Anything that you will some day live, you have first imagined

I experienced what may very well be a literal demonstration of this yesterday. The boss where I work is… volatile. Everyone in the office walks around on eggshells, and it’s no longer any fun to be there. I have of late found myself chewing on thoughts of …

What is the standard of joy that you are demanding for yourself?

How different would our lives be if we woke up and asked ourselves, “What am I going to do today to feel better than I felt yesterday?”

Go forth and start creating

If you are stuck in an unsatisfying job, stop and think what would be the ultimate job imaginable for you. You cannot apply any boundaries to this question. When you know what it is, go forth and start creating something in some way to put your foot on that path, even if it means just […]

The river is your internal belief system, your vibrational accord.

…You want a new car. You decide to make a conscious effort to tell yourself that you’re going to have a new car in 30 days. So, for the next month, you tell yourself, “I’m about to pick up my new car. I can see myself driving my new car. My new car is within my reach. I love how I feel driving down the highway in my new car.” But, you’ve never had a new car in your life…

There’s (still) no shortage

…Personally, I never bought into the fear that the world’s oil was going to be used up. In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I don’t remember ever putting all that much thought into it. But maybe that’s the point…

Skittles and beer

Anyone who cares to try can remember multiple instances when they went through periods of things around them just all seeming to go their way. For a time, …

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