The Law Of Attraction (LOA) is a law of nature.  You do not need to believe in it for it to affect your life.  You don’t even need to believe in it to use it, although it would be difficult to do so deliberately, witness the results, and still not believe.

This is true for other laws of nature, like gravity, as well.  You may choose not to believe in it.  But, when you jump off the roof of a building, you’ll become a believer.

The Law Of Attraction is also not new, although its current popularity as a “New Age” idea might suggest otherwise.  It has not always been labeled “Law Of Attraction”, but it has been taught by many people throughout recorded history, and probably before.

Among those people who I personally could point to as having contributed to my understanding of it are Dr. Wayne Dyer, Richard Bach, Dan Kennedy, Paul Zane Pilzer, and Robert Ringer.  Notably, the latter 3 don’t talk specifically about the subject – Dan Kennedy even refutes it, although he practices and teaches it (he’s a great example of not having to believe to use it).

However, I must give top credit to Jerry & Esther Hicks.  Whether you believe that Esther channels a non-physical energy source, Abraham, or not, the teachings they offer are simple, consistent and profound.  You need only listen to Esther for a few short minutes to be struck by the purity of the message.

Jerry & Esther’s first book, as it was ‘downloaded’ to Esther from Abraham, is “Ask and It Is Given”.  Subtitled ‘Learning to Manifest Your Desires’, it aims to show each of us that we are the  physical embodiment of source energy, and that we have the innate ability to manifest anything we wish.

For me, reading “Ask and It Is Given” for an extended period of time is an impossibility.  There are simply too many instances of enlightenment – too many “Aha” moments – to read it straight thru.  Wrapping my mind around the simplicity of the lessons takes too much work, too much thought.

That in itself would seem like an oxymoron, but have you ever had the experience of hearing somebody say something that triggered a strong thought or idea in your own mind?  Of course you have.  Off you go in your head, following that train of thought for a few moments, or a few minutes.  When you come mentally back to the moment, you find that you’ve missed some of the conversation or lecture.

Now, imagine reading a book that presents you with opportunities for those strong ideas… on every page!  I can’t help but put the book down, sometimes after only a few paragraphs, and chew on my own thoughts for a while.  And, that’s where the idea for this website came from.

I thought, “I can’t be the only person who has to do this.  I can’t be the only one who feels the need to talk about what I just read, to offer it to others.”  So, that ‘s what I’m doing.

What’s Your Path is a collection of my own thoughts about the teachings of Abraham, and LOA in general.  Each post is centered around something from “Ask and It Is Given” or another Abraham source.  *****Edit –  It didn’t take all that long after this “About” page was written for me to expand the scope of my inspirations, so the blog is no longer restricted to Abraham-Hicks as my muse.  They do, however, remain the primary source.*****

The Hickses also offer a free Daily Quote by email.   They’re usually taken from a live seminar that they’ve presented somewhere around the world, or most recently, from their newest book, “The Vortex”.  I’m going to use some of them as fuel for the blog from time to time, too.  I’ll give you something from the one of these sources, and then offer my thoughts on it.

You don’t have to agree with what I say.  You don’t have to buy anything.  My hope is that something you find here will contribute to your happiness or peace of mind.  In my own life, I have had the experience of reading something that expressed a thought or feeling that I hadn’t realized I had until just then.  It can be a liberating feeling.  Maybe, with a little luck, you can experience that here.

On a more selfish note, another reason for doing this site is that when we have to teach something to someone else, we are forced to learn it better ourselves.  Teaching requires a different perspective on a subject than learning, and the more ways you can see a thing, the better.  So, it’s in my own best interest to find a way to help you achieve insight into the Law Of Attraction.

It matters not where you are, but only where you want to go.

Tim Star

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