Attention to obstacles makes them bigger and more stubborn

…But in Western society, the typical mindset expects the opposite – get rich first; get healthy first; find that perfect mate first. Then those obstacles will go away…

Go do something

If you’re a parent, you are doing your kids a disservice if you don’t kick them out of the house to play. Take away the iPhone (blasphemy!, I know) and the portable Game Boy. Force them to…

I am patient and loving with my fearful thoughts

For someone who is well along the path to ultimate spiritual enlightenment, complete dissolution of fears might be possible because they might be capable of fully disassociating from their feelings, but for most of us…

No one can deny you or grant you anything

Working on your vibration can be as easy as simply sitting still for a few minutes and calming your mind a little.

Desire summons Life Force

Nobody is more alive than a six year old with toys. Or a sixty year old!

Physical pain is just an extension of emotion

… in working with Law of Attraction, we have to be cognizant of the fact that we may not receive exactly what we want, or receive it in the way we want. But, that’s our fault, not the Universe’s. We simply don’t have the skills…

What is the standard of joy that you are demanding for yourself?

How different would our lives be if we woke up and asked ourselves, “What am I going to do today to feel better than I felt yesterday?”

Every moment is pregnant with the next moment of your life

This is one of the foundational positions we all want to achieve, whether or not we realize it. It’s a simple psychological perspective; belief in the ability of the self to accomplish the goals we set.

The best use of now

If I’m always setting goals and reaching for the future, then am I not squandering my now?

War is a satisfying adventure

Mobs riot beyond what would seem “reasonable” because the individuals themselves feel so much power that they don’t know how to contain it.

Well-Being will always abound

But, the auto-pilot is managed by our subconscious programming. If we’ve learned to look for the turds in the road of life as a matter of habit, then that auto-pilot is going to look for them. If we’re programmed to look for life’s shining moments, the auto-pilot is going to look for them.

There will always be war

Strikes are wars against existing situations that one group has decided are no longer acceptable.

Even within families, little wars are always going on. Ever been punished for not doing your homework?

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