Most of it is undone

…they were feeling anticipation about what is still to arrive. Except that it wasn’t positive anticipation. They were taking score, with the expectation that they were the underdog. And, almost without exception, it showed in their performances…

You are the only one who creates in your experience – no one else (part 2)

…Life’s troubles begin to lose their power to dominate our thoughts. ´╗┐Instead, we begin to develop the ability to shed the feelings of panic and overwhelm that we have learned to allow to control us; to paralyze us.

When we turn that psychological corner is when that personal power begins to be recognizable. It’s when we can begin to experience…

You are the only one who creates in your experience – no one else (part 1)

… the subconscious doesn’t judge. It doesn’t question. It assumes that everything we feed it is truth. That it’s reality. That we are experiencing it in real life. So,…

Go forth and start creating

If you are stuck in an unsatisfying job, stop and think what would be the ultimate job imaginable for you. You cannot apply any boundaries to this question. When you know what it is, go forth and start creating something in some way to put your foot on that path, even if it means just […]

The better it gets, the better it gets

If your mind is plagued by negative thoughts, you’re going to have a hard time switching to images of puppies playing and birds singing. But, what you CAN do is…

The greatest gift

…humans are hard-wired with a subconscious desire to please others. Teach them that you expect them to be criminals, get poor grades or treat other people badly, and what happens?

The river is your internal belief system, your vibrational accord.

…You want a new car. You decide to make a conscious effort to tell yourself that you’re going to have a new car in 30 days. So, for the next month, you tell yourself, “I’m about to pick up my new car. I can see myself driving my new car. My new car is within my reach. I love how I feel driving down the highway in my new car.” But, you’ve never had a new car in your life…

Doubt and disbelief are symptoms of a closed mind

STOP watching the news and reading the paper! There’s about 1% of positive input that you can get from those sources. What does THAT leave?

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