There’s (still) no shortage

…Personally, I never bought into the fear that the world’s oil was going to be used up. In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I don’t remember ever putting all that much thought into it. But maybe that’s the point…

Words do not teach at all

…And then you hear or read something that turns on a flashlight, and a bright beam of light hits a truth floating right in front of you; BAM!

Your hands are tied in action

Your hands are tied in action, but your hands are not tied in imagination — and everything springs forth from the imagination. Everything. — Abraham —— Just ask Stephen Hawking!

Skittles and beer

Anyone who cares to try can remember multiple instances when they went through periods of things around them just all seeming to go their way. For a time, …

Don’t be a hater

That guy in the BMW M3 convertible isn’t to blame for YOUR lack of…

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