Just set the tone

It’s Christmas day, and I’ve been enjoying a peaceful morning on our backyard patio.  It’s about 70 degrees in San Diego.  Our dogs are laying in the sun, just soaking it up, and I decided to write a quick post… Just on the heels of my last post came this nugget from another Daily Quote […]

It’s better to travel light

Life is a journey, right?  Most people would seem to agree with that, even if they have a different definition of the word.  And, when you’re on a journey, no matter what the length, you pack certain things… If you’re expecting to only be gone a matter of hours, maybe you don’t pack anything more […]

Two and a Half Men & the Law Of Attraction

The universe is a wonderful place.  It offers up examples of LOA, or anything you want to experience, all around you, and at unpredictable – and sometimes inopportune – moments. My wife and I are big fans of the TV sitcom, Two and a Half Men.  For those of you under the rock, Charlie Sheen […]

Cleaning up your vibration

Chances are very good that you’ve trained your mind to focus on the negatives in your life. Most people have. That’s why there is so much conflict and chaos in the world. In computer programming, there is a term called GIGO; Garbage In, Garbage Out. And, what is it we all have inside our little skulls? That’s right, class! It’s a computer…

The Pastor’s Ass

What will happen is that what others think or do will begin to carry less and less weight for you, and eventually, it simply won’t matter to you

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